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How You Can Avoid Sharing Blurry Pictures on Instagram?


In order to get successful in your Instagram marketing, you need to share only high quality photos. You need to have a lot of followers to engage them. For this, you should have stunning and sharp photos so they love to Like and share them. Have you ever wondered why some of your photos get little blurry, fuzzy and not really sharp? There are some basic rules to help you make sharp photos for your profile.

There are two things we should talk about – slow shutter speed and camera shake. Shutter speed should be slow enough to freeze the subject. So, the camera shake is the common and obvious concept. But, there are several reasons behind it and also the ways to avoid this issue.

First of all, you have to ensure that you are holding the camera properly and you are standing. Don’t stab the shutter or finger makes the camera shaking and you could get blurred image. While taking the photo gently squeeze the shutter and ensure that the camera is still.

If you are using 135 mm or longer lens, you need to consider the shutter speed. As a general rule, shutter speed should be faster than lens length. Suppose you are going to use 200 mm lens, you shouldn’t shoot slower than 1/200. This is the golden rule for lens and shutter speed. Apply this rule only when you are doing handheld shooting. It should not be used with tripod. You will not be able to get very amazing blur at 1/80. You may find that the picture is not sharp if you zoom in at 1/80, but you may lose very dramatic blur effect. You need to set shutter speed with 1/200 and you can see the change immediately with a nice and crisp image. Apply this rule to all of your lenses.

At 1/60, if you take some portraits with dim light, it is really slow shutter speed and if subject sits still, it would be fine. But it is not the case if it happens most often. When it comes to shoot portraits, it is always great to talk to the subject to get a lot of expressions. 1/60 is too slow to freeze such movements when the subject is moving. You can double the shutter speed, i.e. 1/125. It looks really nice. Even at this speed, it is too slow to freeze the movements when you zoom in. To get sharp image, you can boost it up to 1/200.